Accessible directly from the “SS598 – Fondovalle dell’Agri”, Tramutola is a village combining aspects of contemporary urban planning with ancient and evocative views. The historic centre hosts the Church della Trinità, a building dating back to 1166. Among the most important works preserved inside, we must mention the beautiful statue of the Madonna dei Miracoli, dating back to the eighteenth century; the marble throne of the Madonna with the parabolic dome that dominates the main altar, the large Crucifix and the wooden choir from the seventeenth century; the statue of San Francesco; the Polyptych of the Deposition by Antonio Stabile, an ancient work of fine workmanship. The Church del Rosario, characterised by a marble rose window and a large wooden door. Finally, you cannot miss the visit to the ancient wash house “Capo l’Acqua” (N’gap l’acqua in dialect) still used today by local old women to wash laundry.