An important agricultural settlement of the Val d’Agri, Sant’Arcangelo has an interesting historical centre. The Mother Church, rebuilt in 1939, preserves a fifteenth-century baptismal font and a wooden statue depicting the Madonna and Child. Lower down in the village is the Church of San Rocco, which hosts a polyptych on canvas by Azzolino depicting the Crucifixion, Madonna and saints. 4 km from the village, on a green hill, stands the Convent of Santa Maria d’Orsoleo. Built in 1474, today it houses a multi-media exhibition aimed at the conservation of historical memory, in which images, installations, scenographic effects and three-dimensional films narrate the origins and daily life of the complex. In San Brancato di Sant’Arcangelo, an area in which a necropolis was discovered with over hundred burial, in the Mederico district, stands the Molfese Tower. Erected on a hill among olive groves and vineyards, it dominates the Agri river and is located on the mule track that led from Sant’Arcangelo to the Monastery of Santa Maria di Orsoleo, to which it belonged. Inside, cultural events, conferences and photographic exhibitions are organised.