With the seventeenth century churches of San Rocco, Assunta and the Convent of Sant’Antonio, Montemurro is one of the most evocative centres of the entire valley and is the home of poet Leonardo Sinisgalli. The Casa delle Muse, with its almost 200 square meters, offers the visitor the opportunity to get closer to the figure of Sinisgalli, one of the most complex and original personalities of the twentieth century. Seat of the homonymous Foundation, the Casa delle Muse includes the library of the “engineer poet”, rebuilt in one of the rooms and housing 3,000 volumes, his desk and the famous oil portrait made by painter Maria Padula. The following exhibitions arev currently available: “Sinisgalli’s attic” with the material (documents, objects, volumes, etc.) found in the cellar and in the attic; “Intimo Sinisgalli”, with the collection that the Foundation acquired from Agnese De Donato (30 drawings, photographs, manuscripts and unpublished poems) and “Elogio dell’Entropia”, on the discovery of 42 absorbent papers, of considerable artistic interest.
The village, slowly rebuilt after the serious earthquake of 1857, is also worth mentioning for the evocative works of the Scuola del Graffito Polistrato (School of Multi-Layered Graffiti) that can be admired in the streets of the village in an “open-air gallery” enriched with new graffiti every year.