Moliterno, home of Giacomo Racioppi, Ferdinando Petruccelli della Gattina and Michele Tedesco, among others, is perched at 879 meters above sea level around its medieval castle: built under the domination of the Normans, the castle is adjacent to the Mother Church, built in the eighteenth century over a pre-existing fourteenth-century structure. Inside the church there is a 16th century painting on wood depicting “San Pietro”, attributed to Simone da Firenze, a canvas by the painter Francesco Antonio Romano of Laurenzana depicting the “Deposition” and a silver cross. Also interesting are the Church del Rosario and the seventeenth century Church di Santa Croce, in addition to the Church of Santa Maria di Vetere, which contains precious fragments of frescoes from the Neapolitan school of the V-VI century, a plaster statue from the fifteenth century and various paintings from the fourteenth century. Interesting is the complex of MAM, Musei Aiello Moliterno, consisting of six museums of particular importance. Do not miss, in August, the festival dedicated to the Pecorino Canestrato, a gastronomic delicacy recognised and protected with the PGI qualification (Protected Geographic Indication). At 5 km from the village there is the natural oasis of Bosco Faggeto.