Melfi is located in the north-east area of the region and is for sure one of the most interesting city to visit. The city has an illoustrious past: beloved by the Normans of Guiscardo and Frederick II of Swabia, Melfi was the regional capital of Duchy of Apulia during the 12th century. Built around its outstanding castle, home to the National Archaelogical Museum, today, this Norman town it the fourth largest in Basilicata and is known to have been the site of the Council which, in 1089, gave rise to the “League of the First Crusade” wanted by Pope Urban II. Moreover, in Melfi, about two centuries later, Frederick II promulgated the Contitutions of Melfi, or Liber Augustalis, the largest secular legal code of the Middle Ages. The monuments worth visiting in town are the majestic castle which was built in Norman times but extended by Frederick II, the Cathedral dating back to the year 1056 and many other monuments such as the thirteenth century rupestrian church of Santa Margherita, the Porta Venosina (one of the six ancient entrances to the city). The castle today houses the National archaeological museum where many of the finds unearthed in the area, including the splendid Sarcophagus of Rapolla, are on display.

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