The village, known for being the birthplace of the well-known singer and songwriter Pino Mango, is often cited for the legend according to which the famous Monnalisa, the protagonist of Leonardo’s painting, spent the last moments of her life here.
The village has a medieval layout, characterised by an urban structure clinging to a cliff with narrow and steep alleys, and is dotted with numerous churches. Among these, noteworthy are the Church of San Nicola, where popular tradition has the Leonardesque muse to be buried and which houses two sculptures by Altobello Persio, and the churches Trinità, Madonna delle Grazie, Crocifisso, Sant’Anna and Rosario. Immersed in the vegetation is the monastery of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which preserves a painting by Mattia Preti, and on Mount Sirino there is the Chapel of the Madonna della Neve with the effigy of the Madonna del Sirino.
In the oldest part of the village the remains of the feudal castle which dominates the entire town are still visible.
Tower clocks are among the most particular products of local craftsmanship. Those built here are among the most famous and are found on bell towers and buildings in various cities, not only in Italy but also in Europe, United States, Australia, Brazil and New Zealand.

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