The town, together with Moliterno and Montemurro, was an active liberal centre in the scenario of the Lucan insurrection: on 16 August 1860 a liberation committee was appointed in Corleto, which declared the Bourbon dynasty fallen. Among the places of worship of the village, the Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta: built in the seventeenth century, it is characterised by altars and stucco reliefs and by a bell tower that ends with an Arabian style dome. Since 2004, Corleto Perticara hosts the municipal museum “Michele Lacava” located in the “Piazzetta del Risorgimento Lucano” in the historic and now former Ducal Castle, today an office building and formerly the town hall. The museum, where we can admire the coat of arms of Corleto Perticara, also preserves the “Fondo Lacava” made up of the books of the Lacava brothers, in particular of Pietro, several times Minister.