Over the years, the territory of Armento has returned evidence of ancient settlements: interesting ceramic finds that indicate the presence of a school of potters around the fifth century B.C In all likelihood, the name of the town derives from “armiento“, land destined for pastures. In Serra Lustrante di Armento, starting from the second half of the 4th century. BC, an important sacred area was developed with a sanctuary dedicated to Heracles, whose importance soon rose to the cantonal level.

The historic centre of Armento is located in the upper part of the village. Among its peculiarities we can certainly mention the ancient buildings, to be dated around the eighteenth century, but also the main church, which preserves works from former churches that have been destroyed. Also very suggestive is the Church of Santa Lucia al Casale and the Church of San Vitale, which preserve paintings and statues dating back to the 17th-18th century.