It is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages and “Cathedral city”. The ancient Acheruntia, inhabited since the 6th century BC, mentioned by the latin poet Horace, overlooks the river Bradano valley. The historic past of Acerenza, roman town first, then norman and finally renaissance, is visible in its churches, ancient buildings and beautiful stone portals, decorated with sculptures and coats of arms of family of a bygone age. Traces of the city’s ancient history can also be found in the Museo Diocesano (Diocesan museum) and in the Museo dei legni intagliati (Museum of carved wood). The most important monument in Acerenza is the monumental romaneque-gothic cathedral that characterises the heart of the ancient town and keeps many treasures. Among them, gravestones, the stick of Saint Canio (relic belonged to the bishop and martyr of the 4th century), the renaissance crypt decorated with frescoes by Giovanni Todisco da Abriola, a valuable sarcophagus owned by the Ferrillo counts, and an ancient holy water font. Endless vineyards and green fields cover the hills where Acerenza rises, making it a “city of wine”, very important for the production of excellent Aglianico red wine.



Acerenza, uno dei Borghi più belli D’Italia