A Day in Rionero for a Tour in a Wine House

Today our guide brings you to Rionero in Vulture, a small village located at the
slopes of the extinct volcano of the Mount Vulture, particularly interesting for a
visit in its area full of vineyards and wine houses.
Must-see things: Giustino Fortunato Square, dedicated to the famous academic
who studied the problems of the South; Fortunato Palace, used today as the
Council Library and easily recognisable for its stone gates; the Main Church,
called also as St. Mark Evangelist Church; the archaeological site where a
thermal rural settlement of the Roman Age was found.
Lunch in a restaurant made with typical products.
In the afternoon we can enjoy a guided tour in a well-known wine house,
which achieved a lot of recognition for the production of one of the best
Aglianico del Vulture in the world. During the tour we can take a delightful walk
through the vineyards of the company, a guided visit of the wine cellars and
final tasting of some glasses of wine.