Lucano Truffle in Muro Lucano

Today our guide brings you to Muro Muro Lucano, one of the 100 most
beautiful Italian towns, also well known as „nativity village“ due to its urban
settlement. It was built, indeed, above a spur of calcareous rock where
buildings, put one behind the other, seem to be ready for a scenic
Must-see things: the Medieval Castle, the Cathedral keeping inside the statue
of St. Gerardo Maiella (the patron saint of Basilicata region), his native home
and many other churches that are part of the “gerardini site tour”. Worthy of a
visit is also the National Archaeological Museum, full of historical findings of the
Lunch in a typical restaurant so as to discover this town even in its flavours,
first of all that of truffles. The so called “diamond of the kitchen” is the most
important ingredient of local menus and we will taste this delicacy in different
After lunch, if weather conditions are ideal, we will explore the suggestive Trail
of Riverbanks. It’s about a lovely walk through the spontaneous vegetation, a
place to be explored where we can enjoy the stunning view of old bridges, the
ruins of watermills, the river flow, calcareous rocks and caves.