Calvello in autumn

Today our guide brings you to Calvello, the “treasure among mountains”.
Nestled in peaks of the Appennino Lucano, the town of Calvello seems to be a
spectacular full-scale nativity scene, a rise and fall of stone houses, tight
staircases and curvy alleys surrounded by a fairytale landscape.
Must-see things: the XV cent. Church of Our Lady of Angels, various noble
palaces rich of historical/artistic meaning, the Medieval Castle, many churches
full of paintings and artworks, the Benedictine complex consecrated to St. Mary
of the Piano, the St. Joseph Baptist Church and the Baroque Church
consecrated to St. Joseph.
There are also lots of workshops. The town is, indeed, famous for „faenza“
ceramics, whose manufacturing dates back to the Middle Ages. Stop for a visit
in a ceramic workshop.
At the end transfer to the town chestnut grove termine trasferimento verso il
castagneto comunale (private transfer organized by the council pro loco) and
free time to pick up chestnuts independently.
Lunch in a typical restaurant to taste a chestnut menu.