At the Discovery of Tursi

Today our guide brings you at the discovery of Tursi, a nice medieval town
located in the province of Matera.
Must-see things: the Rabatana, its most ancient quarter, built around the
castle walls in V cent. It got its name from the first Saracen invaders in
memory of their Arabian village Rhabàdi; the native home of Albino Pierro, an
important dialectal poet, which is used today as public library and where we
can enjoy a beautiful view; the Palace of Brancalasso Baron; the Annunciation
Cathedral and, above all, the precious Shrine consecrated to St. Mary of
At the end of the tour we have lunch in a restaurant to try a particular kind of
pumpkin, the pumpkin “spaghetti”, produced and cultivated by a small local
farm which acquired fame thanks to the famous Italian TV program
‘Geo&Geo’. Here we can discover the taste of some incredible biodiversity
varieties offered by the countryside of our region, like the one of pumpkin
spaghetti, that is a pumpkin whose pulp produces, once cooked, filaments
similar to spaghetti.