Basilicata, land of cinema! There is not only Matera, in recent years Potenza was the location of several Italian films by well-known directors and artists. “La Sorpresa”, by Ivan Polidoro, produced by Movie Factory of Rome, is one of the most recent films whose scenes have also been shot in Potenza.

In 2014 actors such as Carlo Buccirosso and Fabio Volo wandered through the streets of the city, shooting the movie “La Grande Seduzione” directed by Massimo Gaudioso.

In Potenza were also shot some scenes of the films “Quando il Sole Sorgerà” (2012) by Andrea Manicone and starring Lorenzo Flaherty, and “The accountant of the mafia” (2013) based on a novel having the same name by Donald Vergari, directed by Federico Rizzo starring again Lorenzo Flaherty.