Scattered throughout the Lucanian territory there are six literary parks that introduce visitors to some illustrious protagonists who have contributed to writing the history of Basilicata. Authors and historical figures who, with their writings and their actions, have made the Lucanian places and landscapes where they lived very well known. Still today, the villages and towns that were home to these personalities absorb the lifeblood of the literary parks dedicated to them which “do not limit themselves to preserving and disseminating literature through the places, but claim to safeguard the locations through literature”.
Among the literary parks of Basilicata we have, in the province of Matera, the Parco di Albino Pierro in Tursi, the Parco di Carlo Levi in Aliano, the Parco di Francesco Lomonaco in Montalbano and the Parco di Isabella Morra in Valsinni; in the province of Potenza, we have the Parco di Federico II di Melfi and the Parco di Francesco Mario Pagano in Brienza.