Basilicata en plein air

Basilicata en plein air

Welcome to Basilicata, a bright, welcoming land of authentic colours.

Immerse yourself in the blue of our seas, breathe the pure air of our mountains and parks, let yourself be caressed by the wind while doing sports in the open air, let yourself be seduced by the ancient culture of our villages and the creativity of our cities of art, taste the genuinity of our products.
 Every activity takes you on a different journey, to live en plein air.


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Ten good reasons to come to Basilicata

Ten good reasons to come to Basilicata is a territorial promotion campaign from the APT Basilicata. 10 reasons, 10 episodes to discover Basilicata through the eyes of Matt, a young tourist explorer.

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Tutte le attività presenti in questa sezione sono frutto del progetto “Basilicata en plein air”, avviso pubblico aperto consultabile sul sito, che mira a organizzare e promuovere in maniera unitaria l’offerta connessa all’outdoor, alla vacanza attiva, al turismo lento, al connubio paesaggio-cultura.
Tutte le informazioni contenute all’interno della sezione “Basilicata en plein air” sono state fornite dagli operatori che hanno aderito al suddetto avviso, per cui eventuali errori o omissioni sono imputabili agli stessi. La responsabilità in merito al possesso di autorizzazioni e requisiti di legge è in capo a ogni singolo operatore.



All the activities in this section are the result of the project "Basilicata en plein air", an open public notice available on the website, which aims to organize and promote in a unified way the offer related to outdoor, active holidays, slow tourism, to the combination of landscape and culture. 
All the information contained in the "Basilicata en plein air" section has been provided by the operators who have adhered to the aforementioned notice, so any errors or omissions are attributable to them. Responsibility for the possession of authorizations and legal requirements lies with each individual operator.